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Cool Stuff

Great use of color and I like the style of the animation. Art direction was cool overall. Good song and everything goes smoothly with it. Nice job!

Lambi responds:

Yeah, it all came together quite well. Thanks for the comments!


I was waiting for the dirty parts ... not expecting the "twist" at the end. Animation was alright. Audio was definately funny. A bit ... racist ... but I'll chalk it up to humor. :)

Disappointed, but alright.

You had a strong plot and did well with the music/sound ... however, several things bothered me about the movie. First, it was difficult to know who was who at certain points, because you used all stick men (who were only differentiated by some small feature like hair). You have some cool 3d effects ... but the lack of character animation brings the movie down. Also, the movie itself was very dry artistically ... some cool effects with lighting and such, but the lack of color took away some of the life (I think you went for a dark and foreboding feel, but that can be accomplished with color as well).

Get-lost responds:


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Swimming Question Wrong

Answer to one of your swimming questions is wrong - the length of an olympic sized pool is 50 METERS ... not 50 YARDS. Typical U.S. pool (and college distance) is 25 yards ... but olympics is measured in meters.

Are you kidding me? Top 5? Come on...

How did this get onto the Daily Top 5? There were no graphics, no storyline or plot ... just a quiz with some humorous answers. It amazes me what you people will rank up there.

K-Guare responds:

Did you play much of the game?
Games don't need graphics,
games don't need plots,
games don't need anything.
You can bend the rules if you know them well enough,
and that's what i've done with this game.
That's why i got a good prize for this,
people saw beyond the fact that
there wasn't amazing graphics.
I'm sorry you were expecting a little more ;[
Maybe after i get my graphics tablet you'll
like some of my future movies.

Even if you didn't like it, though,
thanks for reviewing :]

Good job

I think you did a great job. I saw that other people were complaining about how hard it was - It's a little hard, but if it was too easy it wouldn't be fun. Keep up the good work.

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