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Swimming Question Wrong

Answer to one of your swimming questions is wrong - the length of an olympic sized pool is 50 METERS ... not 50 YARDS. Typical U.S. pool (and college distance) is 25 yards ... but olympics is measured in meters.

Are you kidding me? Top 5? Come on...

How did this get onto the Daily Top 5? There were no graphics, no storyline or plot ... just a quiz with some humorous answers. It amazes me what you people will rank up there.

K-Guare responds:

Did you play much of the game?
Games don't need graphics,
games don't need plots,
games don't need anything.
You can bend the rules if you know them well enough,
and that's what i've done with this game.
That's why i got a good prize for this,
people saw beyond the fact that
there wasn't amazing graphics.
I'm sorry you were expecting a little more ;[
Maybe after i get my graphics tablet you'll
like some of my future movies.

Even if you didn't like it, though,
thanks for reviewing :]

Good job

I think you did a great job. I saw that other people were complaining about how hard it was - It's a little hard, but if it was too easy it wouldn't be fun. Keep up the good work.

Good game ... long breaks though

I thought the game was very well done. However, there were points where the user gets stuck ... like the bathroom floor. Or, if you tossed away the spear before using it to get into the 2nd floor window, then you were screwed. Overall, it's good, but needs some help.

Buttons too close to the action

It was pretty fun. However, when I went to click on an ammo box, I accidentally moved my mouse to the lower left and clicked END ... when started the game over. It pissed me off a little. You might want to move that button. Or put a confirm message after the button is clicked.

Good, but not great

Too large for the screen - the figures were too big, and the play area was too small ... it was difficult to see what was coming before it's too late. Plus, it's really repetative, same thing over and over.

Nothing happened

So I hit NEW GAME ... and I sit there waiting for bad guys, and they never show. Level 1 and Level 2 - no enemies attacked the castle (so I earned no points for upgrade, and lost no hit points). It's not a game, but an extremely dull movie...

Not Great

The dialogs are way too long (you should have a "skip" option). Even the battles are way to long - you show every percentage ... just show damage or a miss. I wont even start on the graphics (they're better than alot that's out there).

Cool effect

Nice effect!

Anyway I can check out the actionscript for this flash movie?

Armegalo responds:

Hmm, tricky, I've just sold it. What did you want to know?

Not on a MAC

I'm on a Mac, and the only buttons that work are the BACK and NEXT buttons. Typing A or B doesnt work, and mouse clicking on those buttons don't so anything. I give it a 0 due to useability.

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