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Cool Stuff

Great use of color and I like the style of the animation. Art direction was cool overall. Good song and everything goes smoothly with it. Nice job!

Lambi responds:

Yeah, it all came together quite well. Thanks for the comments!


I was waiting for the dirty parts ... not expecting the "twist" at the end. Animation was alright. Audio was definately funny. A bit ... racist ... but I'll chalk it up to humor. :)

Disappointed, but alright.

You had a strong plot and did well with the music/sound ... however, several things bothered me about the movie. First, it was difficult to know who was who at certain points, because you used all stick men (who were only differentiated by some small feature like hair). You have some cool 3d effects ... but the lack of character animation brings the movie down. Also, the movie itself was very dry artistically ... some cool effects with lighting and such, but the lack of color took away some of the life (I think you went for a dark and foreboding feel, but that can be accomplished with color as well).

Get-lost responds:


Not a fan

Not a huge fan ... it was just alot of random and odd jokes, some of which weren't funny at all.

Slow, but good

A little slow, but still good. Nice animations. Could use some more mood music.

Good animation, but dull....

The animation was very good, and the story was interesting ... but it was extremely dull. The background music is extremely repetative and very boring, and the voice is monotonous and tiresome. Good luck next time.

arrogancy responds:

The more "boring" the kids on this site say it is, the more I know I'm going in the right direction. :) Expect the next one to be twice as "boring."

Really good, but a bit confusing

I thought your animation was great. Good use of 3D.

As for the story line ... well, you definately had one (the escape), but it was a bit confusing. When the craft first lands, its slightly unclear at first that it's the robot's ship.

Second, when the kid takes off in the ship, who activates the ground defenses? Did the kid to blast the robots? Or did the robots activate the ground defenses, but someone overrides their controls?

Third, when he takes off (after ground controls are blasted) there are tons of other ships getting blasted out of the sky and crashing ... I thought each one was the boy's ship.

And most of all, why do they want the boy? There's no clue as to why they want him. Nor do we get any notice that we'll ever find out.

Also, the game instructions must be unclear, because I got three orange buttons in a row, and still got an invalid entry.


Extrobod goes under, and you steal the movie from them .... ouch. That hurts. I suppose your gonna post the ANGRY ROBOT movie as well ...

Not like Kong

Ignore the guy who said it's like KONG (plots different, the guys go after kong and this guy is probably going to go after MIBs, cinematics and shots are all different). MSeagull obviously doesn't have the first clue about comparing movies.

um ... err ... uh ....

Interesting ... I got a giggle out of it.

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